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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

ESP - new website

The website was required by the team to further explain and communicate the concept of ESP, capturing the interest from and informing the public, and to provide resources for regeneration professionals. We built a WordPress site which features blog, videos and downloadable resources. The blog from this website is also an RSS feed into Slider´s main website.
Launch the new website:

ESP - leaflet print

ESP printed flyers, part of Slider´s growing leaflet package...

ESP - graphical toolkit

In parallel to YouCanPlan brand I have been working on toolkit for ESP - Enabled Self Procurement - trying to visualise processes in architecture and planning. These are examples of booklet in progress that hopefully is soon to be found at

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

YouCanPlan brand - exhibition photos

Photos made in Harrogate in CIH Housing exhibition 2009.

YouCanPlan brand - stand assembly movies

It took our team of 7 people 6 hours to put pieces together and 1.5 hours to assemble the exhibition at first time. I used remote capture photography to record the process. It basically is a software that allows a computer to remotely fire a digital camera connected to it and images can be stored directly onto the computer's hard disk. There are several programs one can use for remote photography the only problem being your camera battery running out...

YouCanPlan brand - exhibition assembly

Important part of the design process was technology - we decided to use cnc-cutting. Although it is super precise, it puts more work on your shoulders. For this exhibition we ended up cutting 17 sheets of plywood and 7 sheets of MDF... altogether it is around 300 pieces that need to become one big puzzle. How easy it is to make a mistake... I am convinced that using cnc-cutting in that kind of size, one needs to do prototypes. We were lucky that there were only few pieces that needed resizing (with hand saw and sanding of course). The following are the examples of sheet layouts when they went into the cutting machine, and instructions for team to put pieces together.

YouCanPlan brand - exhibition

After setting the rules for YouCanPlan brand (mostly still in 2D) I tried to come up with concept that would become exhibition design - a 3D brand. These first images are from chosen design 3D model that we later on realised in SPRUCE plywood with CNC-cutting technology.

YouCanPlan brand - printed

Printed material for CIH Housing exhibition in Harrogate, UK

YouCanPlan brand

YouCanPlan is a creative development service from Slider Studio. It provides community consultation and engagement services and tools for the built environment.
It is important that every brand had a consistent personality that everybody understands and remembers. In spring 2009 we tried to re-think the YouCanPlan brand - to present a strong unified brand that builds up reputation and helps us achieve goals.